Evans & Langford LLP

Land and Building Surveyors






Establishing Your Assets


With experienced teams of surveyors we can accurately determine the extent of your assets utilising modern land surveying equipment and ground modelling software. Our services include:


  • Topographical surveys
  • Detailed site plans & area calculations
  • Conveyance plans, boundary surveys & expert witness reports
  • Terrain models for contour plans and Flood Risk Assessment volume calculations
  • Dimensional analysis & as-built surveys
  • Monitoring of buildings, roads & other structures
  • Setting-out
  • Drainage surveys


Laser measuring devices combined with specialist software enables the capture of 3D Data in real time to produce:


  • Measured building plans, elevations & sections
  • Floor plan data for facilities & asset management
  • Digital models for visualisation & presentation


 In addition to the main sectors of operations our expertise is also applied in the following areas:


  • Horse racing, Golf and Rowing courses
  • Piers & Sea defences
  • Landfill sites & Quarries
  • Landscape architecture
  • Nature reserves
  • Earthworks design
  • Environmental health & safety regulations


Using a combination of the latest Ordnance Survey digital data, Lidar level data and Aerial Images, we can create composite models suitable for use in Feasibility Studies, Flood Risk Assessments (FRA), design work and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This can be supplemented by our own detailed survey information for particular areas of interest.